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CEV Euroleague 2024 is coming to Luxembourg

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For the 3rd time the Red Lion Ladies compete in the CEV Europen Silver League. Amongst the 10 possible opponents are also well known rivals of Faroe Islands and Iceland. There will be 3 Tournaments to be played:

For the Red Lion Men Team it will be the first participation ever in the prestigious CEV European Golden League. There are 12 teams registered and while Luxembourg will face known rivals of Portugal, Azerbaijan or Croatia there will also be new challenges against European Top Teams Ukraine, Czechia or Spain.

Euroleague Luxembourg Schedule

Friday 24th May 18h00  Luxembourg vs Faroe Islands
  20h30  Luxembourg vs Czechia
Saturday 25th May 18h00  Faroe Islands vs Hungary
  20h30  Czechia vs Ukraine
Sunday 26th May 16h00  Luxembourg vs Hungary
  18h30  Luxembourg vs Ukraine


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