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Youth Beach Days

30.06. @ Lintgen | 06./07.07. @ Esch-Alzette

Youth Beach Days 2024 

d' Youth Beach Days sinn fir Volleyballspiller a Spillerinnen gebuer an de Joren 2006-2010.


  1. Select and identify new young male and female athletes born in the years
  2. Launch 2 tournaments simultaneously, U17 and U19, where the top 4 classified teams in each category will then cross paths in the U19 final.
  3. Collect physical and technical data to improve future selections and training plans.
  4. Productive interaction with coaches and sharing of experiences.

Each Session will assign points to each athlete, and at the end, a personal overall ranking will be drawn up. The top 16 athletes in the ranking will be integrated into Team A and Team B of the U19 National Team (2007 and subsequent years).

The top 8 athletes in the ranking (2006 and subsequent years) will be part of the Seniors and Juniors BeachVolley National Team.

Prizes in sports equipment will be awarded to the winners of each Session.

To qualify for the finals you will need to participate at least at one preliminary session (1-3).

Session 1 : 30.06.2024 09:00 - 12:00 @ Lintgen

Session 2 : 06.07.2024 10:00 - 17:00 @ Esch-Alzette

Session 3: 07.07.2024 10:00 - 17:00 @ Esch-Alzette

FINALS 19.07 + 20.07.2024  @ INS Finals during Letzvolley Youth Camp: