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FIVB/CEV Development Centre Luxembourg

Start of the 8th International Volleyball Talent Camp.

Nearly all 60 participants have arrived on the INS (Institut National des Sports) Campus in Luxembourg. Some of them less than others more tired (14 hours by bus from Poland for Leszek is the one extreme) but all of them are definitely very motivated. The FLVB is proud to announce that the number of participants has been doubled since the last edition. After a warm welcome by the Development Centre Director Burkhard DISCH, Dieter SCHOLL, Head Coach of the Men's National Team of Luxembourg started with some coordination exercises assisted by Ruben WOLOCHIN, Head Coach of the Men's Team of TV Ingersoll Bühl - 1. Bundesliga Germany, checking the first ball touches. A very exciting start allowing the young athletes to slowly know each other. After evaluating these first tests, the coaching staff will divide tonight the boys and girls into the different levels of training groups. After the first dinner together, everybody looks forward for an amazing summer camp in Luxembourg. To be continued ...

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