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Pre International Referee Course.

Developing Refereeing in Europe!

The FIVB/CEV Development Centre in Luxemburg is proud to launch the “Pre International Referee Course” from 02.-04.01.2015.

The FLVB/CEV originated “Pre International Referee Course” is a great opportunity for future international referee candidates.

All main topics will be covered by a high level tutor during the whole seminar with the target, to prepare the future generation on the tasks to fulfill on the next step being an high level international referee. The course is a mix between theoretic workshops and practical activities. During 16 international matches, the course members are able to learn from the international referees and exchange their knowledge with high level referees.

Our main wish is, to help all countries with less than the referee quota, to build step by step candidates of international level.

The course starts with an online e-learning with the content of the rules of our game. This e-learning will be supervised by the tutor. All candidates start the e-learning process from 15.12.2014. During the e learning process the candidates need to work step by step through the rules of Volleyball. At the end of this process an online-test needs to be done to ensure a constant level of each participant.

The second step of this course starts on the 02.01.14 at 14:00 and will close on the 04.01.14 at 13.00.

Seminar Leader

Seminar leader of the course is Fred Kröger (GER) and Jean Claude Baccus (BEL). Both tutors have great experience in teaching the high level skills from different views. Both were acting as international referees over recent of years. Fred Kröger is secretary of the European Referee Commission. Jean Claude Bacchus is member of the FIVB rules commission.

Workshop Conditions:

Twin-room accommodation (breakfast, lunch & dinner) at Coque Development Centre from 02.-04.01.2015
Online Learning 15.12.2014-28.12.2014
Course from 02.01.2015-04.01.2015

Free Novotel Cup access during the seminar

Registration Deadline: 24.12.2014


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