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Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Volleyball


Wanted: Supporter for Press and Communication & Novotel-Cup

by Anne Hasdorf


You love Volleyball? You love Luxembourg? You love writing?

If you want to support the development of the Luxembourgish Volleyball via your creativity, please feel free to support the Luxembourgish Volleyball Federation.


The Commission de Presse et Information of the FLVB is looking for one or more supporters on a voluntary, honorary basis for its daily tasks.

Tasks include the writing of press releases in German, English or French (your choice), the translation of German press releases into French or English, the updating of the website, the conduction of interviews and the delivery of information to the national press and media institutions.


If you are interested, please kindly contact: presse@flvb.lu or 661793663.


If you are interest in helping to organise the Novotel-Cup, please also contact presse@flvb.lu or 661793663.


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