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Formation KIDS COACH

KIDS Coaches Course launched in Luxembourg - FLVB starts new coaches education

The FLVB has initiated – after a short delay due to Covid - their LTAD program (Long Term Athletes Development) in Luxembourg. Various key points, such as the education or the coaches and referees, are part of this program and will be started in various steps throughout the next years. The main goal of the LTAD is to accompany children and young players throughout the various levels of Volleyball from the beginners up to the professionals. The focus is put on the health protection and the education of the young players to guarantee them a smooth and healthy development within the sport of Volleyball.

“We are proud and happy to finally present our first coaches course and with this the first step of our new LTAD program in cooperation with the ENEPS Luxembourg (École nationale de l’éducation physique et des sports). This new program will give coaches the opportunity to increase and deepen their knowledge for all age groups and will increase the level of Volleyball in Luxembourg. It is only natural to begin with our youngsters since they are our future.” (Norma Zambon, President FLVB)

One component of the new LTAD- concept of the FLVB is the improvement of the coaches education. Therefore, for the first time in many years, the FLVB has launched their first course called “KIDS Coach” this past weekend in Luxembourg. The kids coach is the first level and the base of the new coaches education program, focusing on the special needs and education of our smallest Volleyball players and is equal to the EQF1 Level (European Qualification Framework).

20 participants were taught by experienced and highly qualified coaches in the first KIDS Coach Course over two days with a total of 16 hours. The focus was on how to successfully coach the youngest ones, what special needs and precautions should be taken while working with such young kids. Training strategies, from a properly warm up to small-field games, and the psychological aspects to be taken into consideration for this age group, were touched and highlighted to all participants during the course.

"In order for us to create better players we need to make sure our coaches are well trained and continually educated. Our first Kids Coach course therefore takes the first important step in a new direction and we are pleased that the first course already received such positive feedback. We are now looking forward to the courses that will follow." (Torsten Schooff, Technical Director FLVB)

The KIDS coaches course will be organized on a yearly base from now on in Luxembourg. - In 2022, a C-license coaches’ course (EQF3) will follow and in the following years the B- (EQF4) and A-license (EQF5) coaches’ courses. Long term goal in Luxembourg is therefore to make certain coaches licenses mandatory in order to coach certain league levels. The aim of the FLVB is to increase on one hand the education of our athletes and on the other hand to also protect our youngsters by providing an appropriate training for their needs.

“One waits for the time to change, the other grabs it and acts!” (Dante Alighieri) - The first step has been taken and we are looking forward for more to come.

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